Organic Corn

Organic Corn is a natural and non GMO (genetically mutated) warm season vegetable crop. Additionally, it requires good amount of heat, direct sunlight and ample amount of water for proper growth. Moreover, organic corn is best cultivated in deep rich garden soil.

Typically, the sowing area is covered with black plastic for 2-4 weeks before planting the crop to increase the soil temperature and germination process. Organic corn requires a soil temperature of above 12°C for proper growth which can be further accelerated by having warm atmospheric temperature at night. The soil required is of mild acidic nature with pH value ranging between 5.8 and 6.5. Thus, organic corn is most suitable for cultivation in warm areas meeting appropriate temperature and pH levels discussed above.

The optimum seeding range for organic corn lies between 28,000 and 40,000 seeds per acre with an average of 34,000 seeds per acre to be sowed. Organic corn is usually mechanically harvested post-cultivation with few exceptions of hand harvested corn. Madhya Pradesh is projected to be the largest organic corn producing state in India.